The Little Dream that Could

I had to lose everything to figure out the person I was and needed to be. After graduating college I got a really good job that I excelled at and bought a house that was too big for me and dated boys that were all wrong for me. I guess its not an all too unique story. But the entire time I was on that roller coaster of living I was searching for something, I just didn't know what it was. Then in Jan 2012 the rug was snatched up from under me. In a 2 week period my very best friend and the person I depended on most in the world died suddenly, I lost my very well paying, but slightly unfulfilled job, I was forced to sell the too big house that never felt like home and I moved back home with my parents. I was at an all time low. Things were bleak. Not to be dramatic, but I was a walking black cloud of despair and sadness. Then one of my very good friends gave me one of his bulldog puppies, because his own dog was the only thing that comforted him in his time of loss. That bulldog puppy forced me to get out of bed everyday, even on days I didn't want to, drag my butt up and take care of her. She gave me something to love when I didn't love anything, not even myself, and she was always happy to see me. I named that little puppy Tallulah Belle and she is who my shop is named after.

Shortly after I moved home, I started back quilting to pass the time. I fell back in love with a craft I had neglected in my old go-get-em life. Sewing immediately calmed my soul. With Lulu by my side and a sewing machine in front of me I slowly put back the pieces of my broken life. I loved being creative again and sucked up all the new techniques and knowledge I could like chocolate milk from a straw. The outcries of support from my family was wonderful. I started off making quilts for family members and then their work friends and then I took the plunge to selling online.

About the time I started selling online I met my soulmate. I wasn't really looking for him, but when I found him I knew he was the calm to my storm. So me, the boy and the bulldog started out on our new adventure together, and it has been nothing but a blessing. He has been an amazing support system and allows me to pursuit my dreams and quilt full time. He has a crafty soul as well so our little home in the country is always full of projects and laughter. I can truly say I have found my happy. As my shop continues to grow I can not fully put into words how lucky I feel to have found the person I was meant to be and be doing the thing I love the most everyday.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story. If there is anything I can create for you please let me know as I would be honored to make it for you.

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